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Amanda Totchek is a Convicted Criminal. BEWARE!! (2024)

Amanda Totchek has received allegations of burying truth through misinformation and reputation laundering. Find out more here.

By Guest 10 Min Read

Bartolo Hernandez is a Smuggler and a Fraud? (2024)

Bartolo Hernandez, a prominent figure in the baseball world, has recently been sentenced to prison for orchestrating a sophisticated and often violent network designed to smuggle Cuban players into the United States. Hernandez, who once boasted the title of President of Global Sports Management, has seen his reputation shattered as he faces the consequences of his criminal activities. Bartolo Hernandez- The Rise to Prominence Bartolo Hernandez built a successful career as a baseball agent and

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Beware of Bryan Winquist! Find Out Why (2024)

Raleigh, NC – Bryan Paul Winquist, a 39-year-old Air Force veteran from Cordova, Tennessee, has been sentenced in federal court for defrauding the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). Winquist falsely claimed to have been injured by an improvised explosive device (IED) and fabricated commendations to secure VA benefits. This case highlights the critical need for vigilance in protecting resources designated for those who have genuinely served and sacrificed for the nation. Bryan Winquist- The

By Guest 7 Min Read

Lena Esmail is Involved in FBI Raids & Fraud?

Lena Esmail has received allegations of being involved in a major scam. Find out more in this investigative piece.

By Guest 11 Min Read

Wyatt Waldron is a Disgraced Cop Trying to Hide his Crimes? (2024)

This time, I'm talking about an LASD case. A disgraced deputy is knowingly or unknowingly flooding the internet with misinformation. My guess is, his marketers are doing this without informing him. Little does he know, what his marketers are doing is highly unethical and borderline a criminal offence. This article delves into his past and his current marketing claims. Let's begin: Who is Wyatt Waldron? What did He Do? In 2015, a controversial incident involving

By Guest 16 Min Read

Read Hannah Pet Hospital Reviews They are Trying to Hide

Read Hannah Pet Hospital reviews that their marketing team don't want you to read. Learn about them and their shady activities.

By Kenneth Carson 9 Min Read

Jasper Goodman Raleigh is a Convicted Criminal. BEWARE!!

Don't work with Jasper Goodman Raleigh before reading this article. The man is not what he claims to be. He is a fraudster who faced multiple legal proceedings because of his involvement in a multi-million scheme. Jasper Goodman engaged in bank fraud, wire fraud, credit card fraud, and several other fraudulent activities and faced legal action because of them. Read this article before you consider doing business with the man. Jasper Goodman Raleigh's Involvement in

By Guest 12 Min Read

Did Scott Dylan Defraud Barclays for £13.7m?

Scott Dylan is an entrepreneur and the owner of Inc & Co. According to his press releases, he has an impressive track record and is a thought leader in the industry. However, his professional background is ridden with controversy. In fact, he is currently embroiled in a major legal battle with Barclays Bank. Apparently, he (and some other people) defrauded the bank for millions of pounds. Scott Dylan is The Promotional Claims of Scott Dylan:

By Guest 10 Min Read

Is Jaime Pickett DVM a Reliable Vet or a Fraud? (Find Out Here)

Jaime Pickett DVM is a veterinarian based in Virginia. She is the President/CEO of Hannah Pet Society - Hannah Pet Hospital in Portland. Based on her interviews and press releases, she might look like a reliable veterinarian. However, when you look into her professional history, you'll notice a long list of disciplinary proceedings and mysterious deaths of innocent animals. This article goes over the different aspects of Dr. Pickett's professional history and present to help

By Mohammed Murtuza 16 Min Read

William Alce Exploited Tenants? Is He Hiding Something?

William Alce is a community manager who is also facing multiple serious allegations. Find out more about him in this post.

By Search Engine Guy 10 Min Read